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FA 2005 Book

Folding Australia 2005 Origami Convention Book

Folding Australia's first international convention book, packed with diagrams from local and global origami talent. Beautifully designed by My Trinh Ha, this book is a quality convention book, handy A5 size, no ring binding, full colour cover, black and white throughout. Featuring articles and photos about the lifesize Origami House project.

144 pages, full colour cover, black and white throughout
Handy A5 size - 21 cm x 14.5 cm
ISBN: 0-9757463-0-8

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Folding Australia 2005 front cover
Front Cover

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AUD$ 33 including postage

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AUD$ 42 including postage

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Folding Australia 2005 Cover Spread
Cover Spread

Table of Contents
Foreword -   Jonathan Baxter  

pg. 6        Origami House -   Matt Gardiner  
pg. 10      Origami House Preparation -     
pg. 14      Statistics -   Mike Hopkins  
pg. 15      Origami House Time lapse -     

pg. 18      Brick -    Steven Casey  
pg. 22      Lounge Chair -   Steven Casey  
pg. 26      Skunk -    Steven Casey  
pg. 44      Conical Squid -   Jun Maekawa   
pg. 48      Conical Penguin -   Jun Maekawa   
pg. 56      Flower Tower 12 Fold -    Chris Palmer  
pg. 58      Rosettes -   Chris Palmer  
pg. 62      Whirl spools -   Chris Palmer  
pg. 64      Tea Pot -    Sy Chen  
pg. 68      Tea Cup -    Sy Chen  
pg. 70      Laptop -    Darren Scott  
pg. 73      Twisted Box -   Darren Scott  
pg. 76      Swiss Army Knife - Gareth Louis  
pg. 87      Two Colour Bird -   Gareth Louis  
pg. 90      Paper Holder -   Gareth Louis  
pg. 94      Dogwood Flower -   Makoto Yamaguchi   
pg. 97      House Box -   Makoto Yamaguchi   
pg. 102     Dress 1 -    Makoto Yamaguchi   
pg. 104     Shirt -    Makoto Yamaguchi   
pg. 106     Horned Turban -   Satoshi Kamiya   
pg. 112     Flat Iron -   Brenda Saunders  
pg. 114     Blackmoor -   Ronald Koh  
pg. 138     Sushi Serving Tray - Matt Gardiner  
pg. 141     Tea Bag Folding -   Clare Chamberlain  
pg. 144     Thanks and Credits     

© All rights reserved by contributing artists and Airstrip

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