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1001 Cranes

Federation Square

On the day the world changed... 6 August 1945

Inspired by the story '1001 Cranes', the Federation Square Fracture Galleries, in the Atrium became a site of contemplation and beauty, celebrating the collective power of peace and the spirit of generosity. People from across Melbourne were invited to take part in the creation of seven thousand origami cranes.

Up close, the thousands of suspended origami cranes were a gentle mix of colour and detail however from a distance the individual cranes become one large image of a Gingko plant, the first plant to have grown after the devastation of the bombing of Hiroshima.

These thousands of cranes filled the Fracture Galleries in the Atrium at Federation Square in a striking and symbolic installation for 6 weeks.

The installation was launched on the anniversary of the dropping of the bomb over Hiroshima by Lord Mayor of Melbourne Mr Soo, and the beginning of the tale of the 1001 Cranes. The installation was complemented by a soundscape in the atrium played periodically throughout the installation.

On 21 September, in celebration of World Peace Day, the 'peace mobiles' were donated to Children's Cancer wards to decorate the foyers and children's hospital wards across Melbourne with assistance from the Carlton Football Club.


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