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Origami House

Origami House exhibition opened on March 5th at the Latrobe Regional Gallery. A culmination of many months of planning, hard work folding, fun and many late nights, the show opened quietly and has only begun to awe visitors to the gallery.

The official opening night of the Folding Australia 2005 Convention will welcome guests from around the globe into the warm inviting abode that is Origami House. For those of you that can not attend Folding Australia, here is a view into our home.

Photographs by My Trinh Ha, Matt Gardiner, Mike Hopkins and Darren Scott.

Origami House in the great outdoors - photomontage by Matt Gardiner

Jun Maekawa's penguin, Flowers folded by June Sakamoto & Kay Eng- traditional lily, Yamaguchi's narcissus, Ted Normington's Daffodil.  The vase is Verdi's vase. Sushi Tray by Matt Gardiner, Makoto Yamaguchi's sushi folded by Matt

Desk and Laptop by Darren Scott, Teapot & tea set by Ching-Yu Hung, Lamp by Gareth Louis, Rocket/Lava Lamp by Joseph Clarke, books folded by June & Kay - Rona Gurkewitz's "accordion book". Wall mounted frame by Lori Gregory

Flowers & Sushi, Chairs by Steven Casey, Table by Darren Scott

High Heels by Ching-Yu (Texas)

Flowers & Sushi, Chairs & Table, crane arrangement in frame on wall by Brenda Saunders

Robert Lang's orchids folded by My Trinh Ha

A view from the right front window.

Still to come, Robert Lang's Black Forest Cuckoo Clock folded by Martin Liu.

And there you have it folks, if you have the means, I highly recommend a visit to Origami House.


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