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M.P.A. 2002

Melbourne Paper Arts 2002
Melbourne Paper Arts was again a great success I arrived about 15 mins before the official opening a little tired and jet lagged, but ready to teach for the next 6 or 7 hours. I grabbed a coffee and handed Martin his new collection of books that I purchased while at the S.E.O.F. Martin and I took a table each and sat down to teach, taking short breaks for food and coffee when required. Steve arrived early afternoon giving us a chance to take turns looking at the other exhibitors stalls. Martin left shortly before closing giving Steve and I a chance to assess the days events while we got the stand ready for day 2.

Day 2
Martin arrived early and ready to teach. Brenda and Steve also arrived early which gave me the chance to talk to the other exhibitors and teach them at there stalls. This was because we were using all the table space at our stand. We taught mostly traditional models and a few modular models which the diagrams are now on this site.
Thank you to all those who helped over the two days.

Darren Scott
And now to the photos.

Martin Teaching a flapping bird to a group of keen students. With Yoshi the dino in the background.

Other exhibitors teaching Parchment craft.

Stacey, The organizer of this great event.

Students playing with there flapping birds.

A Fuse Mask Folded by Michael Gibson

Martin playing with one of Chris Palmer's Flower Towers.

Sy Chen's Teapot Folded by me (Darren).

Exhibitors from Inky Pinky

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