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Orimattic @ BKK

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Online version now available
At last I have finished the online version of orimattic! Have a look and enjoy, its best to let it run for a while - 10 mins or so. Its good to watch for a long time, and gets better with time. Stay tuned for a screen saver version to come later (prob much later ;-)

You will need the Flash Plugin from macromedia.

About the show in Bangkok
Orimattic, a new media work by Matt Gardiner, was premiered at the Bed Supper Club in Bangkok, Thailand, as part of a group show called "Folding Mark" a work by Muay Parivudhiphongs, Sakda Naruemidmongkoknsuk, and Matt Gardiner, curated by Sanya Souvanna Phouma.

Checkout the cool origami invite [78K]

The exhibition opened on the 20th November 2002 and was a real sucess. There was alot of interest from the local Thai artists and public, and the works were very well received.

My heartfelt thanks go to Muay, who has been extremely supportive of Orimattic and has made this exhibition a reality, she is a wonderful person with many talents. Many thanks also to the sponsors Orange and Bed Supper Club, without them this exhibition would not have been possible.

Thanks also to Danielle from for the use of her font Pixelyn outline in the orimattic logo.

Here are a few views of Orimattic in the exhibition space.

The exhibition during the opening, you can see the projection of Orimattic

A view from the stairs

Here are some photos of the installation of "Folding Mark".

Matt and Sakda helping hang an origami ball

The team installing the show

The team installing the show

Matt Gardiner

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