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Dino Project Opening Photos!

Well opening night was a big success, we had representatives from all areas of the community, met folders, journalists, artists and origami enthusiasts from around Melbourne and Australia. Thankyou to all who attended and enjoyed themselves.

Here are some photos taken by Nils from my 4th year Multimedia course at Swinburne. Thanks Nils!

We are open until Sunday (see below for details). Thanks again to everyone for coming and making a wonderful evening.

This project has been created with support from the Next Wave festival.

Special thanks go to David Young and Sandra Bridie. Thanks heaps!

Exhibition Dates
Please feel free to visit us at
Horti Hall
31 Victoria Street, Melbourne.
Wednesday 22nd May from 6.30 pm

The exhibition will be open daily from 22nd May till 26th May.

Free Origami Workshops
Sunday 26th May, 11am and 12pm
Learn how to make a mini dino at our origami worshops at Horti Hall, places are limited so please ensure you book in advance.
Bookings 9662 3942

Thanks to the Melbourne Origami Group for all their hard work on this project, hats off to you all! You all managed to find time in your busy lives to make this project a reality. I for one am so happy to see it reach this stage, and am very much enjoying seeing it come together, and love making something this unique.

Matt Gardiner.

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