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Dino Project What is it?

The Melbourne Origami Group, also acting as Australian Origami, both unofficial titles, are building a 1.5metre model of YOSHINO Issei's Triceratops skeleton. A project keenly anticipated by the team.

About the Triceratops model and contemporary origami
The triceratops skeleton model is designed by the late Japanese folder YOSHINO Issei, diagrammed in the book Issei Super Complex Origami. This will be a significant re-interpretation of his work requiring solutions to the model not required at a smaller scale. It is a tribute to the original folders work and also a strong reference to the popular culture interest in dinosaurs today. It is also peculiar to note that the dinosaur theme is quite popular within modern origami, with almost every contemporary folder having at least one dinosaur model in their collection.

19 pieces of .6 by .6 metre square paper.
Wood and construction materials for stand.
Lightweight metal for skeleton.

? Making origami outside the normal perception of Origami
The intention is that this project will be both a creative and challenging artistic endeavour for all artists involved. It will function as an exercise in promoting the artform into new realms within the Victorian artistic and general community. By making origami outside the normal and realistic confines of what is traditionally simplistic and held in the palms, into something that is complex and dwarfs the human figure, will dramatically change the viewers concept of what is possible with origami. These works will shift origami away from the simple traditional craft of origami and shift the perception of origami into the contemporary artistic realm, promoting new thought and discussion around origami.


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