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Large Scale Projects

ABC Sunday Arts

ABC Sunday Arts ran 20 origami episodes over 2 years on Australia wide television channel the ABC. Matthew Gardiner presented short sharp and concise origami lessons to flow with the Sunday Arts programming. Many people recall the halcyon days of Robert Harbin, and we know the profile of origami has again been lifted to a new level across Australia.

1001 Cranes

1001 Cranes was an installation of over 7000 paper cranes at Federation Square in 2006.

Balletlab - Origami

Balletlab's artistic director Phillip Adams collaborated with artist Matthew Gardiner on the creative development, design, and production of the dance work titled 'Origami'. Origami was performed at the Sydney Opera House in 2006, and featured 2 large foldable sets created with Buro Architects.

Origami House

Origami House is the largest house ever built from origami bricks. Made from over 1 square kilometre of paper, the house stood at 3m tall, and was furnished completely with tables, chairs, sofas, light switches, and even a laptop computer!

Oribotics - Origami and Robotics

Oribotics is the fusion of origami and technology, specifically 'bot' technology, such as robots, or intelligent computer agents known as bots. Oribotics is a hybrid art/science field of research developed by Matthew Gardiner.

Dino Project

The Dino Project was the first large scale origami work by the Melbourne Origami Group. A 3m Triceratops skeleton (named Yoshi) folded from a Japanese design was exhibited as part of the 2002 Next Wave Festival.


Public events

The Melbourne Origami Group provides highly skilled Origami teachers for public events. Below is a list events and projects we have actively participated in:

Tet Festival, North Richmond Community Centre

RACV, Australia Day

Australia On Collins, Origami week

Family Day, Children's week, Melbourne Zoo

Party in the Park, Glen Eira City Council

Sounds of Harmony, Glen Eira City Council

Frankston Susono Japanese Cultural Festival

1001 Cranes, Federation Square

Alternative Living Expo

Craft Victoria

Melbourne Paper Arts

Broadmeadows Library & Community Centre


1001 Cranes, Federation Square, 2006

Origami House Furniture, Craft Victoria, 2005

Origami House, Latrobe Regional Art Gallery, 2005

Folding Australia 2005, Latrobe Regional Art Gallery, 2005

Oribotics 2004, TCB/Uplands Gallery, Next Wave Festival, 2004

Folding Australia Origami Exhibition, Horti Hall, 2003

Increasing Origami (The Dino Project), Next Wave Festival, 2002



Members of the group are talented at dealing with the paper-cut-throat world of advertising and have lived to tell the tale, and happily do more! Our clients include:

Yellow Pages, Australia & New Zealand




The Australian Wallabies

Tandem Design

Chunky Move

Ballet Lab


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