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S.E.O.F 2002

Memories and Photos of S.E.O.F.
Here are just a few of the highlights and a selection of photos taken at the most recent South Eastern Origami Festival. I hope I will able to attend the next in 2004.
Sorry if this report seems a little like name droping but every body was so friendly.
So on to the photos.

Learning a shark puppet from Amiee Muira. The shark was from Jodie Fukumoto's latest book. The guy in the Papercrane Shirt is me.

A selection of Ronald Koh's Goldfish.
Getting a chance to fold with Ronald (one of his goldfish) and compare flight times. It seem Ron took 25 hours to get there while it only took me 21.

Teaching Twirly Whirly's for 5hrs on Sunday with Pat Ellis (the Twirly Wirly Lady) I almost lost my voice but it was worth it.

Seeing Melinda (near) and Linda (far) teach cranes and flapping birds. Only Twenty minutes before neither of these had done any folding.
They ended up teaching for the last 3 hours of the day.
See One, Do One, Teach One.

Dinner with Gordan and Kim Crane.
Thanks for making this the most affordable convention yet.

Folding one of Chris Palmers new boxes and getting to see his latest work both origami and multimedia.

Playing silly word games with Jeremy Shafer and Jose Tomas (Jose Tomas is holding one of Joseph Wu's no fold hippos)

Seeing Oriland up close this was worth the 21 hours flight time alone.

Time in the folding zone. Giant Butterfly Balls and an Oriland giant clown folded for Jonthan Baxter (Convention Orginizer).

Meeting Michael LaFosse and talking about his paper making techniques and getting a chance to view some of his videos. I'm sure i'll order the rest when funds are available.
Folding Sy Chen's Teapot and cups. with Steve Buck. This is the model on Joseph Wu's page and one of my new all time favorites.
Seeing some of Joesph Wu's recent work. He seemed so busy but I suppose that's what it's like when you're famous.

Seeing Robert Lang's new book. I can't wait for this one.
Now for a few last photos.

One of Paul Jackson's Abstract Sculpture.

Vincent Floderer's latest work which he taught at the convention.
Hope you enjoyed the photos and memories. I just love attending conventions, especially if someone else could pay for my ticket.

Darren Scott


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