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Australia Folded 2003

Show highlight: Steven Casey's Echidna Exhibition highlight: Steven Casey's Echidna

Folding Australia declared a success!

The Melbourne Origami Group would like to thank all those people who attended Folding Australia. We feel it was a great success. It was wonderful to meet the folders who travelled considerable distances to attend, in particular Meg Quilinsk from Sydney, David Moell from Hobart, Bill Clark and Michael Janson-Gibson from Canberra, and Rodney from Dunoly. It was great to meet you and I look forward to seeing you next time, we are already investigating new ideas to make the event more successful.

We enjoyed a warm opening night with an excellent turnout. The exhibition was well received and was even filmed by the ABC to send to Asia.

The public meeting was very informal and was enjoyed by over 50 people throughout the day. With ages from 8 to (it was impolite to ask), parents and children alike participating, folding, teaching and learning. It was really wonderful to see.

Stay tuned for the Folding Australia exhibition CD later this year.

Matt Gardiner
Melbourne Origami Group

Some more exhibition highlights curtesy of Darren Scott.

Exhibition highlight: Darren Scott's Slouch hats Darren Scott's Slouch hats

Exhibition highlight: Steven Casey's numbat and koala Steven Casey's numbat and koala

Exhibition highlight: Brenda Saunder's Opera houses Brenda Saunder's Opera houses


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