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Folding Australia Invitation

PDF of Flyer

What is Folding Australia?

Horti Hall
31 Victoria Street
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

13th-19th May 2003

Folding Australia is a one week event which aims to bring together the four corners of Austrlian Origami to one landmark in Melbourne. The events feature an exhibition, classes for school teachers, and a meeting for Australian folders.

Exhibition of works of Australian Folders.
This exhibition aims to showcase some of the best folders in Australia, so if you have been folding away and would love some of the world to see your stuff, make a submission. Otherwise make your way along to see what the other Aussie folders are making out there.

This exhibition is still open for submissions, please send email requesting information to

Thinking Outside the Square - Origami in the Classroom
A unique class aimed at teaching school teachers of children aged 9 through 12 skills in learning, making, and teaching origami. See for more info.

Meeting Saturday 17th 12-4pm
An open invitation to folders of all ages from around Australia, informal classes and a chance to meet other folders from around Australia, and discuss future events for Origami in Australia.

For further information contact: Matt Gardiner
0407 099 749

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